Overview & Conditions
Rotarian Advertisement Overview & Conditions:

This Rotarian Business Listing website is for all District 5180 Rotary members.
You can publish two advertisements that can appear at the same time. Your advertisements
will expire in one year unless you renew them. Before you can submit an advertisement you
must first become a registered user. This is separate user name and password than
your club's website account
(however, you can use the same user name and password for
this new account). This new account is automatic when you create your first advertisement by
clicking on "New Ad." Or, you can click here to register. As a registered user you can create
new ads or edit your ads.  To find an existing listing click on the "Listings" tab above.

Before writing a new advertisement you must register and create an account.
Click here to register a new account.

For assistance contact at: Admin@RotaryAds.com

Rotarian Advertisement Rules:

  1. A Rotarian business advertisement is free for all District 5180 club members.
  2. Before submitting an advertisements you must be a registered user of this website.
    (This is done automatically when you create your first business advertisement.)
  3. After submitting an advertisement your Rotary membership will be verified. To speed up the
    verification process please provide your club's name and RI Member Number.
  4. Upon verification of your membership your advertisement will be activated.
    Activation usually takes 1 to 3 days.
  5. Advertisements will be active for one year. Rotary members will need to resubmit
    a new listing each year.
  6. Members may submit up to two listings per year. 
  7. Each listing may have two images (max. of 1 MB each, 400 x 300 [height X width] pixels each).