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When you make the biggest investment of your lives....what are you really buying?  My answer is: Construction.  Of course you'll have termite/dryrot inspections and a home inspection.

But, wouldn't it make sense (cents) to check C.L.U.E. reports?, confirm if the home and its concrete foundation are on expansive soil or not?, obtain a Permit Report to see what is permitted construction or not?, obtain copies of the plans and permits on the property? How about a $99 video inspection of the sewer line to see if there is roots or to see what type of sewer line it is?  Is there any LUST's nearby? there unseen water instrusion/leaks...mold? How is the drainage of the structures/property? 

How old is the house?  lead based paint? asbestos?..How old is the HVAC units? WH? roof? How many square feet is the home/bldg?...did you have it measured?...your paying by the sf you know.  

What do the CC&R's and/or HOA rules allow?...NOT allow?


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