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According to the American Heart Association, nearly half of American adults have some form of cardiovascular disease. There is a proliferation of commercial diet programs, promising miracle-level losses of pounds, inches, and better health. Extensive medical research shows that these diets are not sustainable, with a success rate of a mere 5%, and most result in extra weight gain over time.   

Then the question is, “What works?” Simple answer, “Consistent good nutrition.”  

Welcome to EatSHARP™ developed under the guidance of two physicians (recently retired from Kaiser Permanente). Our goal is to help people learn how some of their current nutrition choices may hinder them from living healthy life. We are excited to provide a tool to align daily nutrition with the core principles of healthy eating. At the  completion of a 3-minute survey, EatSHARP™ provides practical guidelines to eat better and be healthy.


As a 501c3 non-profit, FamilyGreenSurvival, Inc., with its mission to provide nutrition education, offers the EatSHARP™ assessment free of cost to the public. You can access EatSHARP at You can stay anonymous.




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EatSHARP™ Personal Nutrition AssessmentEatSHARP™ Personal Nutrition Assessment